BOC × Grain Surfboards

BOC × Grain Surfboards

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We’re thrilled to collaborate with Grain Surfboards for three lasting, eco-friendly wooden boards with a classic design and feel. See you at sea!

Grain Surfboards has been making sustainable surfboards for nearly twenty years. Its mission–which began in 2005–is to design and construct true wooden surfboards that will never go to waste. By using the most advanced 3D modeling programs, Grain designs and creates its own shapes and uses traditional construction techniques to produce quality surfboards–made of sustainable materials–that will last a lifetime.

Grain’s environmentally conscious mission made them an ideal partner for us here at 
BROOKLYN OUTDOOR COMPANY. We’re making waves with three new boards–9’4”, 7’6”, and 5’10”–which are specially made with unique black railing. Ride with BROOKLYN OUTDOOR COMPANY’s long-lasting, sustainable boards, and you’ll be hanging ten in no time.


私たちはGrain Surfboardsとコラボし、長く残る、環境に優しいクラシックなデザインの木製ボードを作りました。海で会いましょう。

Grain Surfboardsは20年近くサステナブルなサーフボードを作っています。2005年に始まったそのミッションは、決して無駄になることがない真の木製サーフボードをデザインし、製造することです。

最新の3Dモデリングプログラムを活用しながら、Grain Surfboardsは独自の形をデザインし、伝統的な製造技術を使用することで生涯使い続けられるようなサステナブル素材を使用した高品質なサーフボードを作ります。

Grain Surfboardsの環境への意識はBROOKLYN OUTDOOR COMPANYにとって理想のパートナーとなる大きな要素でした。我々は3つの新しいボードで波に乗ります、9’4”、7’6”、5’10”、どれもが特徴的な黒レール仕様になっています。BROOKLYN OUTDOOR COMPANYの長持ちするサステナブルなサーフボードに乗れば、あっと言う間にハンギング・テンです。


Board in Style:

Grain Surf has made three special boards for us– 9’4”, 7,6”, and 5’10”.

The 9’4” is a traditional style longboard. Great for beginners, this classic board has the length for you to practice your footwork. It features a wider nose and a squash tail, as well as rounded 60/40 rails–uniquely black, for BOC– which, all together, help you control your speed and manage your stability.

Looking for a mid-length board? Our 7’6” is a versatile choice–especially for surfers looking to go fast. It has a moderate rocker, which grants you enough nose lift for those steeper drops, while simultaneously letting you maintain your paddle speed. Its single-to-double concave bottom will help you find that speed you’re looking for while maintaining the control you need. Like our other collaborative boards, the 7’6” has black 60/40 rails which give you the needed volume for a stable platform.

This shorter board–the 5’10”–combines speed with a classic ride. It may be short in length, but it is wide in outline, and can carve around softer surf–something other shortboards struggle to do. It features a flatter rocker, as well as minimal bottom contours, which help maximize its plane surface and reduce drag. Its wider tail increases buoyancy and stability so you can race down the line. The 5’10” is made with softer black rails in the front, which transition to a release rail out the tail. Perfect for a loose, lively, and fun ride.


Grain Surfboardsは3つの特別なサーフボードを作ってくれました。それは9’4”、7,6”、5’10” です。

9’4”は伝統的なスタイルのロングボードです。初心者にもおすすめで、このクラシックなボードはフットワークを練習する上で十分な長さがあります。 広めのノーズとスカッシュテール、60:40の黒いレールが特徴です。これら全てがスピードコントロールと安定性を実現します。



BOC × Grain Surfboards

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